Top 3 Movement Articles

Top 3 Movement articles for Fall. Enjoy!


When Biomechanics Matter - Greg Lehman

Greg Lehman explores when biomechanics matter in the mangament of pain, injury, and performance. 

Eric Cressey dives into how being able to have movement variety as a kid to young adult, helped to establish foundational aspects of speed and agility. While some may make the point that it may be more desirable to have kids train in a more foundational and functional sense rather than train for specificity (sports), the article is noteworthy as it takes a glimpse into noticing how the residual effects of one's childhood movement practice or play, can have an effect on one's training programming as an adult. 

" Daily life has a lot of straight edges, boxes, and lines designed for us to abide by. This can stifle creativy and movement in a profound way...."