We build and continuously work on foundational movements optimizing neuromuscular efficiency utilizing pilates principles, primal movement patterns, and dynamic locomotion to facilitate strength, balance and ease in the body.


Sessions include movement assessments that take a look at aspects such as:


Static and Dynamic Posture  – Assesses the resting tonicity of your muscles as well as how they function together in dynamic movement patterns.

Breathe – The function of the diaphragm has a profound impact on whole body function, movement, stabilization, and muscle energy transfer.

Torso Integration – aka the core. Takes a look at the activation and initiation processes of movement, following the proximal stability for distal mobility outlook.  

Mind Body Integration Exercises - Exercises that demand presence and mental integration to facilitate movement control and body awareness.


"Functional" Movement Patterns – Takes a look at snapshots of movement patterns that are considered functional for activities of daily living. Primarily, functional movements have been understood to include such movement patterns as squats, reaches, single leg balance, lunges, overhead reaches, basic horizontal and vertical pushes and pulls, etc.                               

Upper Body Mechanics – Takes a look at shoulder and upper/ mid thoracic range of motion, to see how this might affect freedom of movement as well as stability of the shoulder girdle in varying and multiplanar ranges of motion.

Muscle Fire Patterning – Spotted in a multitude of movement patterns, takes a look at force vectors and movement patterns and how the body's nervous system chooses to handle and recruit stabilizer and prime mover muscles in the body.